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- by eN-Titty - 2/20/2007 - 2:05:13 am
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eN-Titty2/20/2007 2:07:06 am
WHY SHE SHAVED HER HEAD........coming soon!!!!! custody case with a 6 month hair folicle test for drugs......no hair....no test!!!!!
nicolemartin2/20/2007 4:58:57 am
Good point...very likely.
eN-Titty2/20/2007 5:51:32 am
yeah...I remember thsat a couple of weeks ago, Kevin filed a custody petition which included a 6m.hft......got to have at least 3 inches of hair to check for drugs in the hair shaft for 6 months.......my patients used to do the same thing till they started getting locked up for destroying evidence
Gb2/20/2007 8:09:57 am
silly thing is, they can just have her grow her hair, then test it. they can also request a blood sample if the court decides to go that route.
i think she should have kevin federline's face tatooed ont he back of her head.
Gerold Blankface (GB)2/21/2007 7:27:07 am
they actually said it today on the news that she diced her hair 'casue federline threatened to have her hair drug tested.. Apparantly, hair testing not only shows drugs used int he last 6 months, but frequency of use as well (didn't know that)