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- by sheep - 3/1/2007 - 2:29:59 pm
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sheep3/1/2007 2:33:43 pm
Had to abort this drawing before it was finished. I kept getting a warning box pop up that said: WINDOWS SYSTEM ERROR-There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network. Does anyone know what this means? Is my IP being hijacked? Is anyone else getting this on here? Please respond if you know what's going on. Thanks, sheep
HALE3/1/2007 2:50:04 pm
don't know but that's one hell of a draw
sheep3/1/2007 3:11:48 pm
It seems someone was using my wireless router for their own use. I called my computer guru and he thinks that was the problem. He had me change some settings and we'll see if that works.
mf3/1/2007 3:21:18 pm
gotta turn on that WEP! leave a wireless router open, and they will come.