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- by lm - 3/9/2007 - 4:35:04 am
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lm3/9/2007 4:35:20 am
yanbu3/9/2007 5:39:20 am
yanbu3/9/2007 5:42:34 am
oob! nice head
HALE3/9/2007 7:22:16 am
ethermonkey3/9/2007 7:59:16 am
i kick out three simple color-swatches before bed,
and i have the nerve to think,
"ooo, people will see my pretty noodles come 'morn"
and then i wake to your and idwtwwrs'
total kick-ass-itutde squares, and my swatches seem so,
so be it!
trin3/9/2007 8:00:43 am
naranjon3/9/2007 8:17:23 am
run for shelter! german attack!
fatribz3/9/2007 4:54:15 pm
the number one view for miles, orange and grey are a great combo forever