Untitled - by Al
- by Al - 3/15/2007 - 2:33:56 pm
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Al3/15/2007 2:34:09 pm
5 minute drawing.
kuzzbill3/15/2007 2:39:36 pm
1 second comment
fatribbit3/16/2007 1:56:24 am
man fuck that shit, i praise this geetar stranger anyday.. he can time travel all we wants in the grassy knolls and shite all he wants...eh..eehhh...

al can i take advantage of this drawing and the spirit it gives me to write a story? it goes a little someting like this:
(wika wika)


(chewbacca roar/purr/retard noise)
One day on a grass knoll..
ass applesauce
all over this chick
and damn that aint so bad at all!

the end
thank you again Al, please email me all your vynil renaissance center VS devil's tower records please, ca$h down, sir! and tits, i don't want to be sober until the day the Lord rests, word?1!
Al3/16/2007 7:03:40 am
Yes, I will send you a Devils Tower laser-waffle. You put it in the toaster and hear my songs like never before! 1 play only, then eat with Aunt Jamima.
ethermonkey3/16/2007 7:32:19 am
al! you, me, fribz, EVERYONE!
saturday noon at the dead bodies on Warren streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Al3/16/2007 9:52:07 am
Warren? Whats going on there? Im game if it involves pizza, beer, and Kid Rock.
fatribbit3/16/2007 10:07:39 am
yeah me too...but kid rock-->bagpipes...or both.
ethermonkey3/16/2007 10:53:16 am
me talka detoi's warren
me talka diseco bodiosko
me talka science!