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- by ad - 3/29/2007 - 6:17:15 pm
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ad3/29/2007 6:18:10 pm
i updated my 10eastern artist page and uploaded every drawring i ever did on the anything board. there were a lot i just straight up forgot about. good times!
yanbu3/29/2007 6:35:13 pm
yeah baby!
Gerold Balnkface3/29/2007 10:09:28 pm
Yeah, you have a lot of great stuff.

hey, how id dyou pull all of your old stuff? was there a way to filter for it?
naranjon3/30/2007 6:58:58 am
naranjon3/30/2007 7:09:15 am
ad let me set up all your drawings into a lulu book. I need a physical version of this stuff to reference into old age. I did mine a while back: http://www.lulu.com/content/364870