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- by deerfactory - 3/30/2007 - 9:20:53 am
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deerfactory3/30/2007 9:21:26 am
p u m a for fatribz
fatribz3/30/2007 9:55:59 am
ooo yah!, can you bust out a chickadee rockin the LA Lights? this time i will pay in gold buillion... or coffee beans
deerfactory3/30/2007 12:41:24 pm
sorry, i don?t know what you are talking about. but i would draw a lot of things ;)
HALE3/30/2007 1:44:58 pm
LA Lights, please!!!
deerfactory3/30/2007 2:21:09 pm
don?t know L.A. Lights...infuriatingly
yanbu3/30/2007 3:15:23 pm
yeah whzats the LA lights? i searched a bit with no luck finding
HALE3/30/2007 5:07:27 pm
if I'm not mistaken they were the shoes/sneakers from back in the day that lit up in the heels when you walked. A forgotten shoe, like British Knights. I could be wrong.
nicolemartin3/30/2007 6:19:23 pm
Dude, it's LA Gear or LA Guns (if you are into metal) and British Knights-which are still alive and well thanks to hip hop.
fatribz3/31/2007 6:46:37 pm
yahh la gear.. light bulb model