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- by eN-Titty - 4/3/2007 - 6:56:55 am
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eN-Titty4/3/2007 6:58:20 am
my son told a little kid that this is how the Easter Bunny delivers eggs
Juiceee...J4/3/2007 11:16:12 am
lmfao !!!!!!!!!!!!!
fiona4/3/2007 6:00:47 pm
If you have seen "Priscilla: Queen of the Desert"
then you know why this is very funny.
eN-Titty4/3/2007 10:15:12 pm
nope........you'll have to let me watch it
Gerold Blankface4/4/2007 6:57:12 am
hahahaha... "all the eggs are brown.... "