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Gerold Blankface4/10/2007 1:53:39 pm
Anna Nicole Smith's baby should be handed over to her REAL father,... FINK !
Let the adventures begin!
tthunderdan4/10/2007 4:26:32 pm
...FINK!!!...where's SCUMBY?...
veronica4/10/2007 8:53:55 pm
starseed7/16/2017 9:35:07 pm
Anna Nicoles spawn / offspring / fruit , is with and whom she is meant to be with in all of its totality.

Anna Nicole had Histrionics Disorder amongst other things. Universal blessings to her at the , this very perceived second of time I chose to be writing this. X
starseed7/16/2017 9:45:48 pm
Unfortunately as per Histrionics Disorder , Anna Nicole " gave the ( majority ) base level vibrational frequency of consciousness masses of society at the perceived time and all of the people and energy that entailed , what they wanted ".

Anna Nicole was a mirror device " giving the people what they perceived they wanted ". Unfortunately Anna never gave herself what she needed. She self imploded to a physical destruction , like a star , as a star. Burning brightly in all of its individual totality til she burned herself out and suffocated herself after depleting her core true self of nuture. She forsaked her " sanity " and " sustainability " as the entity she was , as we all are , to give everyone else what they wanted. Not what she needed. Universal blessings to Annas new refreshed current entity in all of its relative capacity. X