Untitled - by sheep
- by sheep - 4/20/2007 - 4:35:04 pm
v1- by sheep - 4/20/2007 4:35:04 pm
sheep4/20/2007 4:36:04 pm
fatribz4/20/2007 4:57:56 pm
sorry to put this here but i am too retarded to make any sort of drawing before this next question reaches a positive result:
if i 'narf' enough will i become a homeless person? how much does it raise my chances of me becoming homeless? or better yet, is there a certain frequency, say- "Ogre Bowler Hat" (imagine that around 34 instances a minute) that will give me a 80% chance of winding up homeless, joining the Michigan Militia Hacker Unit v3.o

wait i forget how many words are considered normal sometimes and music with this drawing!! thank you for your time. ok sorry. i will make a draw really sorry
yanbu4/20/2007 5:46:51 pm
i have friends who narf 24/7 and are not homeless
fatribz4/21/2007 11:38:42 am
then it seems i've the clearence to run the interference
yanbu4/21/2007 1:45:32 pm
also i really like this draw sheep