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VanLodz5/11/2007 11:02:03 am
Al5/11/2007 2:22:21 pm
If I were the dictator of the USA I would remove the penis and balls of all rapists. Nevermind, that would cost too much money. How bout the gas chamber?
VanLodz5/11/2007 4:46:24 pm
tie all the rapists together, dig a giant pit, throw the rapists into the pit, release lions into the pit. gas chamber for the survivors (if there are any, of course)
tthunderdan5/11/2007 5:26:52 pm
...along with such severe punishment for rape must come equally severe punishment for falsely accused rape...this is one of those crimes that is often ones words against anothers...
VanLodz5/11/2007 5:35:51 pm
I agree, those are the women that make it worse for the real victims.
purplemartin5/12/2007 4:02:01 am
It's seems that much of America is still going through puberty. We have a well-funded, youth-loving culture, immature and anachronistic sexual mores...I keep hoping things will mature.
Al5/12/2007 8:37:36 am
We should still have public hangings.