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espcomix5/11/2007 10:38:32 pm
When I was a kid I used to collect the Masters Of The Universe toys. I wish I would of held onto that collection
eN-Titty5/11/2007 11:24:56 pm
wait till you get my age and start kicking yourself for all the stuff you threw out.....I had the entire collection of Howdy Doody marionettes...and a WW II Lionel train set complete with cannons that fired.....all gone
\<5/12/2007 12:05:02 am
thx esp :) my friend (n-jin) had all the figures and castles and vehicles and stuff too. i wonder if he still has them stashed away somewhere?
purplemartin5/12/2007 3:50:13 am
My Gosh! where did you go? I haven't seen this guy since I was 12!
I always thought it looked like a flying Jawa.
hale5/12/2007 10:20:27 am
I only had one He-man figure. Beast Man. That was it.
Captain O5/12/2007 5:39:43 pm
I remember my little nephews and nieces saying their garbled version of "I have the power" (sounded something like Habba Hava Howa)
The Angry Flagman5/13/2007 4:53:18 pm
I wonder if that's where Square got the idea for Vivi from Final Fantasy 9?