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tthunderdan5/18/2007 8:22:30 pm
hale5/18/2007 8:45:17 pm
I'm just real interested to see what's gonna happen next, but then again, I've been saying that for the last six years or so.
Dubya5/18/2007 8:50:13 pm
Democracy is when everything is "Democratic"
purplemartin5/19/2007 4:43:49 am
This last few months have been a systematic smackdown of the GW. I am seeing fewer W stickers on cars lately...a sign?
tthunderdan5/19/2007 5:02:16 am
...the smackdown is just part of the preparation of the people for the next gang of kanks in 2008...
:)5/19/2007 11:23:47 am
back in 2001 G W told you this will be a war for for our way of life for a very long time!!!
They have tought this in the schools over there for over 25 years!!! WAKE UP time to stop them now so our kids and grandkids can live in peace, think of of them not "OH GAS IS SO HIGH"
tthunderdan5/19/2007 12:10:41 pm
...hook, line, and sinker...
Al5/20/2007 5:54:19 am
Who let Rush Limbaugh in here?
purplemartin5/20/2007 4:59:25 pm
Hey there, : ), if they did not have a reason to hate us before, they have a good reason now.
BTW, I am 1/2 Middle Eastern, and I don't think you should generalize about millions of people you will never meet.
Al5/20/2007 5:18:25 pm
Yep, them fellars probably hate us.. hm.