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Dr. Poopdaddy5/25/2007 1:22:36 pm
Gotta make a living. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.
Dr. Poopdaddy5/25/2007 1:25:05 pm
Man, Dr. Poopdaddy, that's the coolest drawing I've ever seen! Call me sometime, okay? My name is Dr. Poopdaddy, and my number is (616) 957 - POOP. Dig it!
Al5/25/2007 3:14:58 pm
Grand Rapids poop?
Dr. Poopdaddy5/25/2007 8:03:14 pm
TOTALLY Grand Rapids poop. Love this town! Mmm! Dead bird rotting in front of the DAAC! Don't blame poop, folks!