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- by naranjon - 5/30/2007 - 8:52:22 pm
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naranjon5/30/2007 8:55:49 pm
MOSTLY UNTHOUGHTABOUT FACT (since its sort of sad): You never really touch anyone, all you're feeling is electrons repelling...
mrae5/30/2007 9:26:54 pm
neurons don't touch either, all the action is in the synapse and look at all the magic that happens there...transforming into thoughts feelings and behaviors that often touch us deeply :)
cows2flames5/30/2007 9:31:56 pm
more depressing than that: Santa's perpetual non-existence.
fatribz5/31/2007 2:04:48 pm
but there really arent two things to touch!
the universe is what it is, ya can't have two of 'em
Al5/31/2007 3:58:34 pm
Divinyls - one hit wonder.
naranjon6/1/2007 6:08:35 am
youre right fatribz