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Hey poor people! Recipe Time2/4/2004 3:12:21 am
Thai food for po' folks:
1 (one) pkg. ramen noodles "Oriental" flavor- whatever the hell that means. when it boils add 4 (four) scoops peanut butter- "Crunchy" style for peanut chunks. now add 1/2 tsp. red curry powder (or chili powder if you're too po' to buy curry). add only half of your "Oriental" flavor packet. too much MSG=no good. throw in an egg (maybe 2 (two)) without the shell. when the egg has cooked beyond selmonilla-levels, remove the pot from heat. finally, add some cilantro- the world's finest herb- cheaper and more delicious than rosemary, mary jane, and catnip. if you are extra-fancy upper-lower-class type you may throw on some bean sprouts.
Now to enjoy with nice chopsticks, fork or hands!
ss2/4/2004 2:26:59 pm
i'm totally going to cook this
Rockmann X2/4/2004 2:27:15 pm
this is the healthiest meal YOU WILL EVER EAT!!!!