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- by ad - 6/7/2007 - 9:28:03 am
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ad6/7/2007 9:28:50 am
wish i had more time to draw. been visiting family and friends in florida. quick link for fatribz and othas
loopdogg6/7/2007 10:22:00 am
selling my cabinets if anyone is in the kansas area. too big to ship. Street fight 2 C.E. with a rare "testron" chip, - (diagonal, and mid air fireballs) - also u.n. squadron. Have some boards too if anyone wants to work on them - Final Fight, One of the chips is squirrelly - Double dragon, - the sound is all f'd up. You pay for shipping on the boards and I'll ship them out.
loopdogg6/7/2007 10:22:58 am
oh yeah - everything is JAMMA
fatribz6/7/2007 9:08:23 pm
i will use this drawing as a menu option... like 'look', 'talk', 'walk'... this will have its place, just tell me the secret caude