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- by VanLodz - 6/11/2007 - 8:20:50 pm
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VanLodz6/11/2007 8:21:20 pm
not trying to depress anyone, I am only curious.
Al6/11/2007 8:44:04 pm
My dad is still here. He lives 1000 miles away though.
Al6/11/2007 9:10:19 pm
sorry to hear about your loss Lydia.
faTrib(e)Bon e.z E6/11/2007 9:10:52 pm

my dad dont care one bit for dadday
faTrib(e)Bon e.z E6/11/2007 9:12:17 pm
or this link.. http://digg.com/programming/Man_picking_nose_on_Google_Maps_Street_View

ya click the title and gogogo hohoho!
abomination street6/11/2007 9:18:36 pm
mrae6/12/2007 11:42:32 am
my dad passed away several years ago and fathers day is sort of a bummer for me too.
Fred Dread6/15/2007 12:13:09 pm
Too Fucking Bad!