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- by VanLodz - 6/16/2007 - 9:39:57 pm
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VanLodz6/16/2007 9:41:14 pm
vic, I bought you a book about gnomes. I decided a long time ago to keep it. haha:)
vic6/16/2007 9:44:48 pm
for real?
VanLodz6/16/2007 9:48:03 pm
haha, yeah. I already read it so you can have it now. It is pretty cool, it even has nude gnomes and chapters about goblins and trolls.
vic6/16/2007 9:51:16 pm
that reminds me of the strip club in columbus where dave b. saw the dwarf stripper.
Al6/16/2007 10:21:39 pm
Yes! Dwarf strippers!
VanLodz6/17/2007 7:33:42 am
oh yeah! and that reminds me of the one legged Amish stripper.
The Angry Flagman6/17/2007 10:40:46 am
Wasnt there a one legged stripper on Jerry Springer?
em6/19/2007 6:40:33 pm
cute as
em6/19/2007 6:40:34 pm
cute as