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Captain O6/17/2007 6:25:02 pm
Scene from a French Art Film:
"Ton fromage ou ta vie!"
"Mais non! C'est mon fromage! Je ne ta donne jamais mon fromage!"

(My French is rusty so the dialogue may be a little off)
Al6/17/2007 6:50:56 pm
Cest La Vi... thats just the way it goes.. thats life.. sometimes! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqFCbX9AHs4
purplemartin6/18/2007 3:45:18 am
Al, that is a bad example of 80's music.
Here is a good example:
Al6/18/2007 3:30:45 pm
But I was keeping with the FRENCH theme. Haha! Here is a better one.
purplemartin6/18/2007 6:14:32 pm
Al, I still know ALL the words by heart after so many years! Touche'.
purplemartin6/18/2007 6:22:48 pm
Here is a real french guy singing...not my favorite of his songs, but there isn't a lot to choose from.
Al6/18/2007 7:19:56 pm
Ok, thats cool. But you forgot Stereolab.. the do french lyrics and english.