Untitled - by Al
- by Al - 6/22/2007 - 6:25:26 pm
v1- by Al - 6/22/2007 6:25:26 pm
Al6/22/2007 6:25:41 pm
Pole Reversal 2012.
Captain O6/22/2007 6:35:14 pm
nice one
purplemartin6/22/2007 7:13:04 pm
it's like a J. Geil's band Album cover...
ad6/22/2007 9:57:14 pm
this reminds me of this flash cartoon from a couple years ago...it's kind of random and cuts all over the place, but there's a part about a guy's wristbands, and then whales learn to walk on land at the end??? anyone remember this? i am going crazy trying to find it on the internet.
Al6/23/2007 5:09:51 am
We are all going to die.
Unicornonthecob6/23/2007 2:38:53 pm
Nice draw
mrae6/23/2007 4:23:07 pm
i really like this Al!
Al6/24/2007 6:56:50 am
Aww... thanks... your all too nice.
fatrub6/24/2007 3:40:04 pm