Untitled - by Al
- by Al - 6/28/2007 - 4:43:54 pm
v1- by Al - 6/28/2007 4:43:54 pm
Al6/28/2007 4:44:55 pm
I just discovered this band while driving thru Cleveland today.
purplemartin6/28/2007 5:01:20 pm
this is our kind of music! Cool!
Al6/28/2007 5:19:44 pm
I almost spontaneously combusted just now.
mf6/28/2007 5:43:11 pm
YAY! i wuv this band! Check out their album "after the heat" right up Devil's Tower's alley!
mf6/28/2007 5:49:51 pm
i stand corrected. i was looking up the album "after the heat" online and found out it has been bootleged under "this heat", when in actuality it's a solo album from a This Heat member. still a good album though...
Al6/28/2007 7:58:44 pm
Thanks mf. I will have to find that one on Soulseek. I just listened to all the albums and I am totally flabergasted. What else should I download tonight?
mf6/28/2007 8:13:36 pm
add me to your friend list. thats where i am sharing it. name is: minty fresh
Al6/28/2007 8:19:15 pm
Ok I added you... I am dvls_tower
Captain O6/29/2007 11:44:38 am
i'm captain oblivion-it would be nice to be asked by someone who isn't a porn or cell phone site!
purplemartin6/29/2007 11:45:20 am
Add me also! Pick me, Pick me!
mf6/30/2007 1:20:22 am
gimme some handles and i'll add ya to slsk friends list!