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- by mf - 6/28/2007 - 7:24:43 pm
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mf6/28/2007 7:25:04 pm
mike....I am your father!
purplemartin6/28/2007 7:25:27 pm
go ahead, mf-make my DAY!
purplemartin6/28/2007 7:25:44 pm
mf6/28/2007 7:26:51 pm
too much fun! and i need to get up @ 4am to drive to Iowa. BAH!
purplemartin6/28/2007 7:28:03 pm
I need to get up and be sane! Not happening!
eN-Titty6/28/2007 7:45:18 pm
LOL....the blonde guy kind of looks like the real Mike
fatrub6/29/2007 8:22:11 am
hahaha niice