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yanbu6/30/2007 3:27:02 pm
coming real soon 10eastern will be changing to a newly developed and much better drawrings system

to properly place the images that will be converted to the new system i'll need a list of any aliases you might have used in the past to join to a single account. i have some of the obvious ones worked out already (like fatribz, fatrubz, fribz, fat ribbletz etc) and a bunch of others. if you think of any you know that are from you with different names, please email me at yanbuster@gmail.com with a list

also, i'm going to need email addresses from everyone to get this started, the new system will be login based, and existing artists will be assigned an acount already, but to be able to login and reset your temp password you'll need an email address entered in beforehand. please email me at the above email address with your drawr name!

also, from here on out please draw with whatever drawr name you will be using, or want to use as yourself so there won't be many problems with lost images

Al6/30/2007 3:43:47 pm
What a brainstorm of an idea! Good Golly Miss Molly!
fatrub6/30/2007 4:58:21 pm
wait the fuck!? why do you need past names? rain forest cafe and crayon crusher? is that gonna help?

will we be able to see the sketch o' bezier when zoomed in? knyyuck knyuck knycuk... wait why do you need all of the names we have used??? what? huuuu!
kix6/30/2007 5:15:15 pm
probably i dont remember all my names
Captain O6/30/2007 5:29:53 pm
good news, looking forward to it
yanbu6/30/2007 9:04:22 pm
that brings a question: do those of you who drew under other names want to keep those names separate? i know naranjon also drew as fc, and negrojon on the black and white board, fatribz do you want crayon crusher and rain forest cafe to be separate? i planned on making those separate already, but if you want them merged i can do it.

it will help to keep all your own draws in your own gallery if you want to merge names. with the new system, everything you draw goes to your own gallery automatically, and you can administer your own account when logged in. lots of new features coming
mrae6/30/2007 10:34:30 pm
yanbu i think mine are all under mrae, do you still have my e-mail?
kix7/1/2007 5:32:35 am
i really appreciate all this name ideas. but in most cases i draw something with another name i kind of "want" people to wonder which artist did this picture :)
Al7/1/2007 5:58:55 am
This may stop the penis drawings. Finally. :-)
fatrub7/1/2007 5:32:00 pm
oh i see! i for one don't mind adding my stuff in and like the idea of not having a set name though so maybe keep things the way they are for mee?
fatribz7/1/2007 5:33:23 pm
ah fuck it...i cannot escape my past.i am fatribz
Al7/1/2007 6:10:39 pm
Fatribz iz da mitten escape drawist.
fatribz7/1/2007 6:58:17 pm
there's been a lot of typing about fat ribs lately, health is on the decline.
/\n0n{m0u57/2/2007 5:47:06 am
i agree, anonymous drawings are rock. so it would be really cool to set up an _anonymous account_ to which everyone has the login.

<, >/, /o, kiddo, k1dd0, ??kiddo ,??, 23, 5, ....., ..---, zak, nisan, slash less than, jess trashcan, anso0nandso4th
fatribz7/2/2007 6:06:17 am
shared annie-da-moose account idea! is good! lettuce do that for secret caudes