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TehNewbstress7/4/2007 3:29:38 am
Mike? I demand to know who he is. Is he the new lardman or something? Ah man, I've been gone, for far too long..
TehNewbstress7/4/2007 3:31:51 am
Ah fuck I don't even know how to draw the guy...

TehNewbstress7/4/2007 3:32:16 am
Aaagghh. Fuck this. I'm so out of it... Kinda buzzed...
TehNewbstress7/4/2007 3:33:15 am
Too much vodka..
Al7/4/2007 6:26:06 am
No, not lard man. Hey, why are you buzzed young lady?
The Angry Flagman7/4/2007 9:31:00 am
Mike 101: Mike is a face I drew on a piece of cardboard one day on the job. This guy Mike picked it up and held it up to his face and the expression looked just like him, thus the birth of Mike the Face. I started drawing this on everything I could get at. A lot of bathroom stalls were visited by Mike the Face. I have a friend who works in a factory that makes car mats for BMW and Mercedes, He started drawing them on boxes being shipped over seas. Ive seen them appearing on the sides of the company trucks that I worked for. The real mike still doesn't know that the faces are of him.... I still draw them in weird places every now and then... Bridge overpasses, street signs, phone booths internet drawing sites.
TehNewbstress7/4/2007 10:27:57 am
man he's like a fucking legend now then.. Huh?
fat ribby7/4/2007 2:09:09 pm
nice tale, i always feel the need to tell how my pal steve and i would draw the :E alot, i actaully have a yellow tshirt i made on tshirts.com from high school with a huge :E ace upright and fatribz written on it. i think that makes me a huge dork and i love it nicely.

as far as shipping messages across seas, ya!! i love to tape various insects found in the shop to the packages we ship. happy history day!! lets get olden
tonianne7/4/2007 2:50:02 pm
oh. by the way......... i remember it was giffy who remembered angry flagmans drawings everywhere. and when he saw it at the campground a month ago......thus....mike came to 10eastern via giffy
The Angry Flagman7/4/2007 4:48:34 pm
Yes. The Giffy was the one who remembered Mike the Face.