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ampersand7/7/2007 12:35:05 pm
it's been a while... the new hobby.

missed you guys!!

fatribz7/7/2007 2:22:22 pm
hello sir. this is the ride of a lifetime
eN-Titty7/7/2007 2:57:36 pm
let's see.....2wheels........a seat......handle bars.....foot pegs......HEY, where's the motor?????
yanbu7/7/2007 5:32:29 pm
nice bikey, where you been?
ampersand7/7/2007 8:26:28 pm
the motor is when you fart...

i've just been riding the city around here. no traveling yet...
ampersand7/7/2007 8:26:50 pm
how've y'all been doing?
Rene Gonzalez7/7/2007 10:02:05 pm
This reminds me of a machine that would draw your own custom bicycle at the Tech Museum Of Inovation in San Jose Ca.