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- by espcomix - 7/7/2007 - 6:11:42 pm
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espcomix7/7/2007 6:11:51 pm
The Blood of Kings
purplemartin7/7/2007 8:40:01 pm
I know the others are sick of the links-this one is for you!
espcomix7/7/2007 9:03:42 pm
never heard mars volta before,they rock!
purplemartin7/8/2007 3:34:01 am
they have most of the members of At the Drive In, which also an indie latino rock band. If you haven't yet, listen to Mars Volta's "The Widow"
the video is creepily awesome!
Gerold Blankface7/8/2007 9:51:36 pm