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- by cows2flames - 7/9/2007 - 12:18:46 am
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cows2flames7/9/2007 12:19:32 am
it thinks you owe it an apology.

go on.
purplemartin7/9/2007 4:52:27 am
duchamp must hand over royalties now!
Al7/9/2007 7:12:15 am
Is this possible? Spy cams on urinals?
purplemartin7/9/2007 1:55:59 pm
the camera wouldn't be as funny as a mini speaker...imagine peeing and having a voice out of nowhere say, "DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!"
that is candid camera all the way.
Al7/9/2007 2:56:39 pm
Thats some funny shit.. or pee.