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- by bb - 7/10/2007 - 5:50:41 am
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bb7/10/2007 5:50:53 am
In my bathysphere, I've got nothing to fear...
purplemartin7/10/2007 12:11:46 pm
neat shading
seeker7/10/2007 12:28:43 pm
happy happy happy bb is back!
bb7/10/2007 2:01:22 pm
somehow the one i did after this ended up on the "temp board":


how did that happen? where is there even a link to that board? why is it filled with comment spam? i am saddened and confused.
yanbu7/10/2007 2:17:57 pm
i can't understand how your drawing could have been posted to the temp board, did you get in to the board using the image on the draw page? there is no link to the temp board from the draw page, and going to the main anything drawings board uses the applet in that folder . . the temp board hasn't really been used since the site went down a while ago. strange. somehow spam has found it's way into things here but will be gone once the new site is unveiled
bb7/10/2007 2:25:59 pm
i used the drawring link above on this page. i drawred something and hit save, but my inet connection went down so it didn't save. i hit the back button, redrawred it, and saved... and there it is in the mysterioland of tempdom!

how can your so-called "reasoning" explain that, i ask?
HALE7/10/2007 2:43:11 pm
Holy fuck, I hadn't seen that Temp Board in a while, I found around ten of my old drawings, including the first one I ever did. I will add them to my gallery chop chop.
yanbu7/10/2007 8:01:35 pm
heya bb - i checked the html and source of this page and the draw page, there is no link to the temp board, i can't figure out how that happened. i didn't change anything . . i wonder if you can make it happen again? also where are you from?
bb7/11/2007 3:57:32 am
Nevermind, I figured out what happened. I misremembered the chain of events. After it ate my drawring, I googled something that led me to the temp board version of oekaki, which I didn't notice was different until after I saved. My fault, not your site's. It was very hot yesterday and I wasn't thinking straight.

I am from WA state, USA, where 90 degrees makes us confused and disoriented.
kix7/13/2007 9:28:43 am
water shading!!!!!!!!!!!!

+ the shark is pretty