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- by VanLodz - 7/11/2007 - 8:37:30 am
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VanLodz7/11/2007 8:41:00 am
1) My bag is much smaller
2) I am not really hitchhiking around the country
3) I am homeless and living in my car
4) I wish gas was much, much cheaper. Now more than ever.
Al7/11/2007 10:08:39 am
Umm, ok. Home is overrated, maybe? Is everything ok?
HALE7/11/2007 11:13:27 am
how are you using the internet?
purplemartin7/11/2007 1:33:15 pm
hey van lodz, you can always stay on our floor. it is a popular tourist destination...and as I have been homeless myself, i can comprehend.
seeker7/11/2007 10:17:23 pm
purplemartin ...you have been homeless...homelessness is overratet? I dont now it was the worst feeling ever as I was depentend for 1 month from other peoples mercy to give me shelter. I felt vulnerable and alone. How did you survive that..I admire your strenght! And all the best for you lady get well soon!!
HALE7/12/2007 9:48:07 am
didn't mean to trivialize.
purplemartin7/12/2007 1:40:54 pm
well, I am not homeless now, I was in 1998. I was outdoors for a month...and yes, it does suck. You find out who your real friends are.
seeker7/13/2007 5:38:04 am
thank god!