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- by Al - 7/16/2007 - 3:49:48 pm
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Al7/16/2007 3:50:01 pm
I am the emperor and I'm here to take over state government!!!
tthunderdan7/16/2007 4:32:49 pm
...man, you need a platform, something to stand on, literally and physically, you can't just barge in here waving a gun, c'mon, have a glass of wine...
tthunderdan7/16/2007 4:36:09 pm
tthunderdan7/16/2007 4:36:55 pm
Shot at 2007-07-16
Al7/16/2007 4:38:51 pm
Al7/16/2007 4:41:06 pm
...but maybe he was kidding.
tthunderdan7/16/2007 4:54:48 pm
...the people are losing it, one by one...
tthunderdan7/16/2007 5:51:11 pm
...that guy in the drawing at the link is ED, he has worked at the salvage yard across the street for over 23 years, he is leaving for another job, and my wife works there and conned me into drawing a pic of Ed for him...Good Luck ED!...
Al7/16/2007 6:02:25 pm
Ed looks like a cool dude. Good luck Ed.
espcomix7/16/2007 7:01:29 pm
"Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt"