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- by Al - 8/6/2007 - 8:17:39 am
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Al8/6/2007 8:17:51 am
Wanna Party?
Zit8/6/2007 11:26:10 am
Al8/6/2007 11:35:30 am
Actually they are welts from doing crystal meth.
purplemartin8/6/2007 6:04:43 pm
what a lovely portrait of your....um...lady friend.
Al8/6/2007 7:19:06 pm
They try to take my money. Power windows aren't fast enough.
purplemartin8/6/2007 7:35:06 pm
Think about the situation they are in. Nobody wants to suck you off for $10. You do it when you have nowhere else to go...think of that when you think your life really sucks. You don't have to sell your dignity for a few bucks.
vic8/7/2007 2:19:11 am
looks like one of my patients.
Al8/7/2007 3:31:44 am
So, she can't work at McDonalds?
purplemartin8/7/2007 5:04:37 pm
I don't know about where you live, but around here, even McDonald's turns people away. The job outlook for college graduates isn't good. That's my line of work. Either way, McDonald's is minimum wage and won't pay the bills. Think how much you get-do you have a lot left over? You don't get 5.15 an hour.
Al8/7/2007 5:09:09 pm
All this lady needs is a fix. Your blowing it all out of proportion.
Spelling and Grammar Police8/7/2007 5:25:23 pm
Ok people, break it up. Let's go.
Al8/7/2007 5:33:01 pm
Did I spell something wrong?!? Do you feel high and mighty because you took a semester at a junior college? Don't piss me off people... Haaa!!! Just Kidding.
Simple Simon8/9/2007 6:43:38 am
Like the Hairy Mole! God she is Hot!