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- by kiddo - 8/15/2007 - 1:21:27 am
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\<8/15/2007 1:21:42 am
angry german
bscd8/15/2007 1:29:07 am
:D :D :D
bscd8/15/2007 1:33:11 am
:D :D :D
seeker8/15/2007 1:48:56 am
hahahahahhahahah genau! zack zack!
. .8/15/2007 4:41:40 am
there should be a separate board for these
fatribz8/15/2007 4:56:41 am
this IS the separate board!
eN-Titty8/15/2007 9:53:27 am
there should be a seperate board for people who want to script rather than draw
\<8/15/2007 10:20:44 am
if you don't want anymore script draws here press 999.
Al8/15/2007 10:23:07 am
Germans? Hey, I am German/American.
HALE8/15/2007 11:51:00 am
There was a board for scripts. I used to bitch about people who used graphic pens because the Drawring tagline said "Flex yr mouse skills", and I only use a mouse. Now I really don't care about it one way or the other, because we're all here to have fun and oekaki our brains out. Oekaki all over the floor the walls, the ceiling, the sofa, the coffee table, somehow it got INSIDE the DVD player, the cat even has a little on its belly, I even found some in the garage and I "know" I didn't leave the door open. Must have been fatribz. Or Al.
fatribz8/15/2007 2:33:49 pm
i whole heartedly agree with Hale- but only if a german speaker translates this message.. is is somethin like "If i yell 'THIS IS SHIT' then you yell 'Yeah!' otherwise say NOTHING!
Gerold Blankface8/15/2007 2:45:50 pm
du hast mish
\<8/15/2007 3:03:11 pm
you got it fribz!
it's basically a quote from someone kix and i know very well. i just had to vent my puzzlement.
seeker8/15/2007 3:09:44 pm
who is messaging with skype?? I want to know how its works
seeker8/15/2007 3:12:01 pm
< your english sounds so well I am always jealous
\<8/15/2007 3:16:35 pm
may read ok, sounts pritty cherman!
seeker8/15/2007 3:19:35 pm
In a way I like that kind of agressive frankness if its not combined with asininity. People are much to
anoyingly harmless and peaceful in a bothersome way as if nothing ever toughes them. I get headaches from pure peacefulness as well as from pure agression.
\<8/15/2007 3:26:29 pm
i hear you but there's gradients and the goldene mitte!
seeker8/15/2007 3:29:34 pm
h?????? you hear or you understand?
HALE8/15/2007 4:08:39 pm
seeker, was my asinine comment annoyingly harmless and peaceful in a bothersome way as if nothing ever toughens me? Do I give you a headache?
seeker8/15/2007 4:12:18 pm
HALE? you are kidding me...are you? Don't ask to much I could get annoyed! :P
\<8/15/2007 4:24:13 pm
<a href="http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=I+hear+you">i hear you = i understand you</a> :D
@hale: i think she's talking about guys like the one in the picture. :)
HALE8/15/2007 5:59:56 pm
sorry seeker, misinterpretation
seeker8/15/2007 10:39:37 pm
ahhhh! but i am no hitler... ;(
And what I ment was there are hardly people in my
area who have the goldene Mitte....anyways...maybe I just miss here in bavaria the berlin way to talk about thinks....berlin way is mostly very frank but still good natured :)
Al8/19/2007 5:26:04 am
For some reason I think of this picture as a beer advertisement.
\<8/19/2007 12:02:32 pm
its the warsteiner font :D