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cows2flames8/15/2007 3:55:43 pm
The priest, the book, or the congregation!?
cows2flames8/15/2007 3:56:59 pm
i'm thinking about buying one of the Wacom drawing pads, and I'm aware that some of you guys use similar devices, any suggestions?
cows2flames8/15/2007 3:59:40 pm
also, is there an FAQ for the scripting stuff that /< does?
\<8/15/2007 4:34:16 pm

you can download autohotkey @ http://autohotkey.com (it's good for A LOT more than just drawscripting!)

the copyscript im using right now: http://www.b3ta.cr3ation.co.uk/data/ahk/drwscrpt.ahk
(very sketchy)