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- by unknown - 8/23/2007 - 9:49:54 pm
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futu_e8/23/2007 9:50:19 pm
v 0o
fatribz8/24/2007 11:35:20 am
i had a 10e dream last night, that you, futu_e were the reincarnation of some old ass 10e drawer. and the 10e website was all flashy and crazy with promotional videos of people dressup weird breakdancing and stuff, saying how much they love the 10E book that you could order. it was a bunch of the favorites and yeah. it was an impressive albeit tacky-ass piece of work, that site,mmmhmm.
futu_e8/24/2007 4:58:05 pm
....that wasn't a dream
.8/25/2007 3:00:14 am
I want my boooooooooooook! Sometimes...pleeaaaaazzeee yanbuuuuuuuu!
fatribz8/25/2007 11:29:21 am
a nonfictional dream, but a dream all the same. and stew for dinner
yanbu8/26/2007 9:39:54 am
the new site is going to be tacky-asS? wha? is this a vision?
fatribz8/26/2007 4:20:51 pm
i had a dream