Untitled - by mrae
- by mrae - 9/6/2007 - 1:23:48 am
v1- by mrae - 9/6/2007 1:23:48 am
mrae9/6/2007 1:24:45 am
couldn't quite get that metallic feel ribz :(
seeker9/6/2007 1:58:06 am
mrae I admire you for those perfekt pattern!
do you put them in a personal album on 10eastern sometime?
fatribz9/6/2007 3:55:14 pm
noice! maybe fading brightness will trick us all?
mrae9/8/2007 8:07:48 am
thanks, seeker: when the galleries come back i'm planning a slide show (which is why most of 'em are in similar color themes). ribz: i tried a background fade and the yellows and grays picked up the hues too much, its a challenge that i will someday figure out :)