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- by The Angry Flagman - 9/16/2007 - 6:17:02 am
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The Angry Flagman9/16/2007 6:17:52 am
Let that be a lesson to ya!
fatribz9/16/2007 8:01:04 am
seeker9/16/2007 8:51:55 am
Well you have now an accord-i-on I have still the
accord-e-on! :)
purplemartin9/16/2007 9:33:35 am
I am going to start a two person novelty band and call it They Might Be Giants!
The Angry Flagman9/16/2007 12:36:16 pm
If only Honda started making musical instruments.....
Emma9/16/2007 3:25:16 pm
why did ya steal their accordion?

if it was that blind women's from the city who plays badly then i dont mind...
The Angry Flagman9/16/2007 4:10:44 pm
Check out the URL link, It will explain the accordion thing.
purplemartin9/16/2007 7:19:58 pm
Well, shoot. DON'T tell Matt...Free and RPG in the same sentence! There won't be anymore "Business" in this house (see my last link for that one.)
eN-Titty9/16/2007 9:55:11 pm
Suzuki makes musical instruments
cows2flames9/17/2007 12:26:05 am
holy shit, you guys picked up on KOL!? I posted it thinking maybe one of you might look at it. Somewhat addictive right?
TheAngryFlagman9/17/2007 11:51:07 am
I see in their forums that they are planning a meeting in N.Y. on Columbus Day weekend. Its going to be held just up the road from where I live.