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deer9/17/2007 9:44:11 am
cows2flames9/17/2007 11:51:18 am
seeker9/17/2007 11:59:21 am
I klicked on your homepage..I shouldn't have I feeeel oooold now
deer9/17/2007 12:09:11 pm
jepp, its me....homepage?
Gerold Blankface9/17/2007 12:31:03 pm
nice wood !
Gerold Blankface9/17/2007 12:31:07 pm
nice wood !
Unicornonthecob9/17/2007 1:40:31 pm
I would like to visit this place.
seeker9/17/2007 3:21:39 pm
mrae9/17/2007 4:29:19 pm
really lovely!
fatribz9/17/2007 6:00:25 pm
oh boy nice
cows2flames9/18/2007 12:18:03 am
Holy fuck, that IQ Test gets hard. I got 112. What is everyone else getting?
seeker9/18/2007 4:40:27 am
112...finally a test in which I profit of my visual memory...cause with everything virtual I totally loose
fatribz9/18/2007 6:12:49 am
i got 122, but i guess the test is pretty crap..
deer9/18/2007 6:51:54 am
seeker9/18/2007 12:52:00 pm
pleaaaazzzze don't say its crap I feel stupid again! :)
seeker9/18/2007 1:05:27 pm
Actually I get tired of that thinking...of having this or that number...I was tested 10 years ago and they found that I am actually "pretty stupid".
Is that so? No I don't think so as they tasted math an geometry and all that stuff which is the ratio-site of life.....but life is mor than that obviously and beeing able to analyse it or strukture it makes it not better it's a sport a mindgame so life is not banal anymore....so I am happy with my artsy, esoteric emotional "Stupidness".

purplemartin9/18/2007 2:23:33 pm
Hi guys! I want you all to know that if you are scoring 112 on a IQ test...that's a GOOD thing.
You are on the high end. A 75 is borderline-but what it means is 75% of the people tested, tested at this level...so that is average. Scoring over 100 on an IQ scale usually means you are above average and if you are over 200, you get to be in MENSA with Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum! YEAH!
seeker9/18/2007 3:49:39 pm
Toll beim Mensa-Test hab ich abgekackt! muhahahahhaa...ich geh?re nicht zu den 2% Oberschlauen... *g*
Al9/18/2007 4:46:07 pm
Im a dumb fuck.
fatribz9/18/2007 5:19:15 pm
well i mean it is crap as in... that there are multiple patterns that are just as correct to notice and so a 'wrong' answer may not really be wrong and so what the fugg? there are a bunch of ways to look at stuff and each has its say and la la loo so the score doesn't mean too much.. that dude in the comment that was talkin trash about it knows his stuff coz he deals with these kinda tests so i would take his word on it. and deer(factoryy)
mic9/19/2007 4:32:19 am
deer9/19/2007 7:44:47 am
wow, right mic...I saw this cartoon and fell in love with this house.
Captain O9/19/2007 4:55:16 pm
IQ is usually a good measure of your ability to do traditional left-brain style learning. It's not generally known for accommodating other "types of intelligence". At least that's what they taught me in my education classes back in the day. IQ tests may have changed their style in recent years.