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- by VanLodz - 9/25/2007 - 5:17:38 am
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VanLodz9/25/2007 5:19:41 am
Yes, an ex-employee (male) came into work in a dress yesterday. He is a bit off his rocker. I do believe.
I am sure I should be concerned.
HALE9/25/2007 6:03:31 am
depends on where you work
Al9/25/2007 1:22:54 pm
Men have rights too.
VanLodz9/25/2007 2:49:02 pm
well,,, he was fired on friday, showed up in the dress on monday. he isn't one of those joker types. in fact, he rarely ever said a word the few days we DID work with him.
Al9/25/2007 4:16:59 pm
Ok, I sent him there to spy on you. He is from Grenwa... my native planet. Please don't make fun of him.. his fashion sense is kinda wacky.
VanLodz9/25/2007 5:27:42 pm
well, sorry we had to fire him. you need to teach your people better work ethic.
mrae9/25/2007 6:26:04 pm
depends on if he's an executive transvestite or a wierdo transvestite....
Al9/26/2007 5:56:23 pm
Executive ones are very costly though... I already looked into it.
mkaweck12/18/2008 3:29:56 pm
LOL!!! I think I would be concerned too and for good reason. :)