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- by purplemartin - 10/5/2007 - 8:01:25 pm
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purplemartin10/5/2007 8:02:39 pm
I walked a lot with Captain O in 1992-and to this day when we go on a date, we usually just walk and talk and sometimes find a wall to sit on or a waterfall to hike.
purplemartin10/6/2007 3:07:30 am
(the snowmen in the background we made in a huge storm in 1992. One snowman was stabbing the other. While we were out trying to find fruit punch (for blood) some frat boys killed the snowmen.
Gerold Blankface10/6/2007 11:00:21 pm
they weren't in the middle of the UG aparment buildings, were they?
purplemartin10/7/2007 5:39:54 am
No, I once spotted two very drunk people having "relations" in the snowbank next to UG though.
I wonder how they explained the frostbite on thier arses to their respective doctors?