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VanLodz10/10/2007 8:18:03 pm
. I am frustrated. I think I am frustrated with "the man"... I don't know if I have ever said that before and I suppose "the man" is just anyone that a person wants it to be, a person that controls my success or wellbeing but doesn't deserve to be in that position. hmmm.
I don't know.
HALE10/11/2007 11:10:51 am
the man just wants to keep you down
tthunderdan10/11/2007 12:27:29 pm
...in all actuality, only one person 'controls' your success or well being and that'd be you, at some point you shall realize this grasshopper...
tthunderdan10/11/2007 12:34:53 pm
...I had a position a few years ago where my relationship with my foreman was so damaging and counterproductive and it became a situation where neither would back down or quit or give up putting to the other...eventually he got moved to another location (a promotion supposedly) and after he was gone, I really had no purpose there, I was such a fool to give him so much credence, and to waste so much energy...my work now (at a different place) is hassle-free...
tthunderdan10/11/2007 12:36:57 pm
...now let's draw some tittys!!!!...
seeker10/11/2007 1:53:58 pm
hehehehehehehe yeah go go go go!
VanLodz10/11/2007 3:29:52 pm
yeah, and for some reason I think part of my job is to be the one that gets yelled at by the higher-ups. I think that is what "management" means.
I just keep saying "ok", and "oh, for sure. right away".
It sucks, but I think people might know that I am the good one. It will probably all pay off in the end. (and the end is in november because my shop is seasonal.)
tthunderdan10/11/2007 4:50:58 pm
...then again, you could always take a shotgun to work and blow them away...that'll teach 'em...
seeker10/12/2007 7:45:12 am
don't be a victim!....noone sees if you act good nobody....the only way is to fight and set them boundarys and if the dont get it go...they dont deserve you! You are betteroff on another place!
seeker10/12/2007 7:47:19 am
You can't make stupid people see! I tried....you have to pitty them and smile...but never obey!
VanLodz10/12/2007 11:18:48 pm
well, after this I am much more motivated to go back to school and start my own money making business... only enough money to survive though. I don't want to end up "the man".
seeker10/13/2007 12:49:14 am