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- by mf - 10/11/2007 - 4:51:56 pm
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mf10/11/2007 4:52:03 pm
mf10/11/2007 6:56:43 pm
lightening bolts on my wanger! I <3 that show
purplemartin10/11/2007 7:00:52 pm
"betcha do-ya' freaky old prostitute!" -classic!
The Angry Flagman10/12/2007 11:41:35 am
Roll that Katamari!!!!!!
mf10/12/2007 2:09:28 pm
thanks to yanbu, i now have a new addiction.
fatrib10/12/2007 6:11:10 pm
ah! i knew ive seen this somewheewe
purplemartin10/13/2007 4:50:18 am
Sorry "Betcha do, you freaky old bastard you" -it's funny either way. The Captain (0) found the lyrics online so he could correct me.
musteatbrains5/22/2008 12:44:25 am
la la la la la la katamari damacy