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- by tthunderdan - 10/12/2007 - 6:55:36 pm
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tthunderdan10/12/2007 6:57:20 pm
...prenny on three, prenny on three, whales tails on two...nay, who, two, ney who, one...
seeker10/13/2007 12:40:37 am
tthunderdan10/13/2007 3:45:34 am
...ah c'mon, someone viewing these must've played whales tales in the old days, younz' never played whales tales?, really....
fatribz10/13/2007 6:34:57 am
whale tail like a womans underwear riding up and her pants are a bit down and ya?
tthunderdan10/13/2007 6:38:04 am
...it was a drinking game back in the day, developed when advanced boozers got tired of playing 'buzz', surely someone remembers 'buzz' then...
Gay10/19/2007 7:53:05 pm
Whales Tail & TThunderdan