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yanbu10/27/2007 4:41:09 pm
email addresses are needed for the following drawrers before tomorrrrrow - everyone will be needing an email address to log-in and drawr - i need emails from

gerold blankface, captain o, bb, uwe seele, meow, ds, anyone/everyone else i missed - please email me at yanbuster@gmail.com

sometime possibly late this evening there may be a temp board in place before the new site goes up - when this happens the temp board stuff may not be able to be converted in the short period between old 10e and new 10e. hi thanks, happy birthday seeeeeka
faux news10/27/2007 4:48:15 pm
...feels like Christmas almost!!!...
fatribz10/27/2007 4:53:15 pm
i will cooperatively give up my weapons of ass destruction. this draw is radder than the other news one. i can tell you are kickin ass
mrae10/27/2007 8:26:51 pm
sweet draw, and i can hardly wait to see the new stuff!
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