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- by tthunderdan - 4/2/2005 - 2:29:41 pm
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tthunderdan4/2/2005 2:31:43 pm
...sober since Jan. 1st 2000...but I long for the 'GOOD OL' DAYS' sometimes...
yanbu4/2/2005 2:34:32 pm
i commend thee, tthunderdan
yanbu4/2/2005 2:37:57 pm
all phallic builings aside, liquor is fun in moderation, and even in excess - but not when it's a constant activity (and i'm writing this relatively drunk)
tthunderdan4/2/2005 2:50:31 pm
...I gave it up...there was no 'moderation' in my drinking...I could go for a week or two without it, then when I got into it...I was committed to finish it, all of it...life is simpler without it...hey, nobody died and lessons were learn't...
yanbu4/3/2005 4:42:05 am
i was the same way with cigarettes - when i quit i was smoking just under 2 packs a day, i couldn't just smoke less. all or nothing! the criteria for alcohol dependency is more than 5 drinks in a day for more than 5 days in a month, as i recently read.
tthunderdan4/3/2005 6:43:10 am
...it would be hard to put the many different types of drinkers into different catagories I think...I tell myself I could drink again, I quit for over 5 years without a drop...but I look back at all the stupid, wasteful shit that occured with the booze and all and get upset with myself...that is the hardest part for me...it hurts to twist my leg around to kick myself in the ass...could have, should have, would have, oh well...
tthunderdan4/3/2005 6:44:48 am
...now, if I could get off the smokes, I'd be even better off...it is HARD...