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- by yanbu - 2/20/2005 - 7:47:36 am
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yanbu2/20/2005 7:49:14 am
viking breast-craft circa 1783
seeka(26)(1)2/20/2005 7:58:47 am
If you want to print sth. with ony one color...for example black...you dont have to worry about halftone...as in the Print process the grey (if it is a defined as a for example 40% black) will be printed with just with that black....
yanbu2/20/2005 2:00:06 pm
i think printing in solid grey of different shades will print ok, i tested one and it looked fine. it's a touch different, especially when photocopied but straight black and white printing from the file looks fine. grey!
yanbu2/20/2005 2:30:20 pm
more grey! grey grey grey