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mrae9/7/2005 4:21:53 am
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mrae9/8/2005 1:39:04 am
YESSSSS!!! this was indeed inspired by T.V static (my satellite dish went out)
newbie~*9/8/2005 3:29:43 am
tv static creeps me out.. but some times i stare at it and its kinda mesmerising.. it looks like little worms squirming around.. weird eh?
"9/8/2005 5:23:57 am
if you look at it long enough, some neato b&w pictures should pop up every once in a while
mrae9/8/2005 9:14:17 pm
there's something about the voices in the white noise too..... or is it just me? ha ha
Gerlod Blankface9/8/2005 9:41:19 pm
this is fantastic !
"9/9/2005 12:23:40 am
when i was 19 me and a friend made "ghost recordings" with the help of radio static...without going into any details...it creeped me out to say the least