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- by yanbu - 10/7/2004 - 6:00:15 pm
v1- by yanbu - 10/7/2004 6:00:15 pm
yanbu10/7/2004 6:03:31 pm
looks like i fucked one of the settings! the first seven or so drawrings are gone forever - but you know what they say about spilled milk.

my apolgies to kix and mf and 23kiddo and i forget who else lost their drawrings there
seeka10/7/2004 6:04:16 pm
If you want the the deleted Images ...I downloades them before bad things happened to them
seeka10/7/2004 6:05:31 pm
yanbu10/7/2004 6:06:28 pm
yeah! send them to my website email address, we will have to recomment on all of them though. i think it would be difficult to insert them back into the lineup but i can try
yanbu10/7/2004 6:08:15 pm
it is fixed now though, so no worries on new drawings. keep em comin