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Borny.(16)10/11/2004 1:43:59 pm
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mez (43)10/11/2004 1:51:20 pm
the shephard who has sheep and likes to play with nerfballs but the sheep can't catch and that makes him sad band.
me with the varying names10/11/2004 1:52:05 pm
sounds like a cool band @mez ;-)
23kiddo10/11/2004 1:56:09 pm
i was thinking its the kfc-loving-sheep. and its wondering why his master hasnt brought any hot sauce. im prolly on the wrong track here.
Borny.(17)10/11/2004 1:57:11 pm
lmao... can't....breathe...lol
Borny.(19)10/11/2004 2:05:08 pm
OK you wackos, here's a hint, the band got it's name from the Star Wars movies.
me with the varying names10/11/2004 2:06:34 pm
Borny.(19)10/11/2004 2:08:14 pm
nope. Mez said one of the words in their name.
JVB (36)10/11/2004 2:30:09 pm
Borny.(2010/12/2004 8:55:09 pm
Yay! Right!

JVB (55)10/12/2004 9:42:32 pm