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- by Anubix - 12/7/2004 - 3:48:25 pm
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Anubix12/7/2004 3:48:59 pm
Band. Hint, they broke up.
tinozeros12/7/2004 9:45:45 pm
did badly drawn boy split up? Cos it surely looks like one...
23kiddo12/8/2004 12:52:32 am

i doubt you mean them, tho
Anubix12/8/2004 7:11:32 am
Right, you win not going to their last concert becuase your lame friend didn't tell you who he was going to see and so you just hung out with the g/f. Lame.
Anubix12/10/2004 6:28:35 pm
Dave B was right, in case you missed that.