Untitled - by Anubix
- by Anubix - 12/9/2004 - 7:14:34 am
v1- by Anubix - 12/9/2004 7:14:34 am
Anubix12/9/2004 7:15:44 am
Album..I know this looks like other ones, but this one is blacker, there in none blacker. (that was a hint)
mf12/9/2004 12:53:27 pm
ac/dc back in black?
chooch12/9/2004 2:51:29 pm
spinal tap, smell the glove!
Anubix12/9/2004 3:03:48 pm
bill12/10/2004 1:05:36 pm
lol! but wouldn't the blackest album be the blackest...... album???
chooch12/10/2004 4:38:53 pm
yes, there are none more blacker...
justin12/11/2004 11:43:56 am
yeah ther are the blackest album by metallica
Anubix12/11/2004 12:19:29 pm
No no, this one goes to eleven.
mf12/11/2004 1:56:36 pm
i need a job i need a real job, one that satisfies my artistic needs
chooch12/11/2004 7:01:26 pm
two words: "shit sandwich"
Anubix12/11/2004 9:40:56 pm
you can't print that, you can't print that!!